This site is for residents of 1020 N Quincy to voice their concerns about the upcoming renovations as well as any other issue that they feel management is being unresponsive.

Also, we hope that it serves as a place for getting to know your neighbors in the building!


2 Responses to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    I suggest we organize!

    I cannot believe that I am to pack up everything in my apartment — including 40 boxes of books, not to mention shelves of glassware and pottery and pictures on the walls — and move from a place for which I pay rent. I have some delicate things I do not want moved.

    This is not a motel or a single room occupancy hotel!

    I refuse to move. They can rennovate apartments as they become vacant.

    We meet. We draw up a notice to them asap and we get everyone in the building to sign it. We give it to management and tell them we will not move. I just met a couple who moved into the 10th floor and was not told in advance that they would have to move out!

    I recognize that in Virginia tenants have no rights but what can management do if we all refuse to move to another apartment? Evict all of us?

    In addition, I do not consider it sufficient notice to post in the elevator that they are turning off our water and gas. From now on, I want a notice put under my door and every other door in the building.

    Whoever you are that put this notice downstairs, put it under every single door in the building. Otherwise no one will get it. I doubt by morning that your lone notice downstairs will still be there.

    I will help you distribute to each apartment door and get a pile of them copied at Kinko’s if you want.

  2. Hello 1020 Quincy residents,

    I’m the Arlington reporter for the Neighborhoods blog on TBD.com and I’m intrigued by this story. Would any residents be willing to talk to me about this for a post on our blog? Contact me at racooper@tbd.com or by phone at (202) 507-0105. Thanks!


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