How is the window replacement so far?

How has the window replacement gone? Are the furniture coverings sufficient? How are the paper blinds? What about the temperature now that cooling has been turned off and windows cannot be opened?

Are the contractors respectful of your home while they are doing this work?

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13 Responses to How is the window replacement so far?

  1. Going deaf says:

    Its noisy up/down/left/right of the units. Its hard to think or rest by day. Goes on past 6 p.m. on Fridays. Continued last Saturay in the midday! The hall ways get cluttered. Two of the young guys are very polite. I wonder how the next interruption with the bathroom work will intersect with the window projects. Especially in terms of furniture arrangement. And this is the easy part of the building rehab? It was less noisy and disorganized at $5 a night youth hostels in Cambodia.

  2. joeyy44 says:

    The notice posted in the elevator assured that we would receive 48 hours notice but no such luck. I returned home from work one night around 7 to find a notice at my door that they would be doing my windows starting tomorrow morning, and to have all of my furniture moved by then. They also left tiny shards of aluminum ALL OVER my carpet, which cling to it and are impossible to pick up (not to mention that stepping on them feels like stepping on tiny tacks). After putting the windows in, almost 5 days later the plaster must still be done, which is additionally irritating because there are holes between the windows and the wall in the upper corners, and my apartment is about 60 degrees (no heat plus cold outdoors).

  3. Waiting says:

    I got mine done a week ago. Definitely take up any carpet in the rooms, Joeyy44 is right about the shards. And find out which windows they will be doing first – had I known, I would have just moved things from one room into the other, and then reversed. As it is, everything is still on top of other things, dusty, waiting for the plaster work to be done. Ater which I can start to think about cleaning and putting my life back in order. At which point Im sure they’ll want yet another day for some further inconvenience, like new blinds, bathtubs, etc.

  4. Waiting says:

    Does it really surprise you, Jordan, that they did not plaster the same DAYS they installed the windows? 1) There is no assurance that your windows will be done in two consecutive days. 2) They say that the plastering will take place a week after the windows are done. Im still waiting. 3) The new blinds will then be installed at some time further down the road. That leaves you with these flimsy paper things that cannot be drawn up, just left hanging. 4) The good news is, it seems the new bathroom inserts wont be disrupting us until after this protracted debacle is completed. Just in time for the New Year and the renovations.

    I dont know why they bother maintaining doors on the apartments, when revolving doors would be more practical.

  5. Waiting says:

    HOLY COW! I just saw the “helpful” memo in the laundry room downstairs with estimates for moving! Even within the building to another floor – its about $1K to $1400! Has ANYONE heard anything new about whether we are to be stuck with this entire sum – AND not have anything knocked off our rent? Its crazy if management thinks we all can just pay nearly double month rent sums for the privilege of having outselves moved for their convenience – especially on 45 days notice.

  6. Out of Control says:

    The window thing has gone from bad to worse: multiple visits without any notice, layers of dust throughout the apartment, dirt tracked in by the workers, workers SMOKING in my unit. Truly unbelievable. Is it really that hard to put a note under my door at the close of business that you plan to be here the next day? Get out of this place if you can, it’s been run into the ground — good luck, you hacks running this joint, charging Ballston-granite-counter rents with tenant treatment like this.

    • Gina says:

      That’s unbelievable that they would smoke in your apartment. I plan on moving as soon as I find somewhere submittable for my needs. While the grounds are nice, the interior condition has rapidly declined over the past few months.

      This may work in their favor, but my husband and I cannot live like this any longer.

      • What next? Bed bugs? says:

        I saw the poster about bed bugs and thought it was just a precaution. Now I hear they have them in the building and we have canine inspection this coming week! Is the 4th floor the only one with this problem? I had no idea I was in a tenement, although I was wondering about their duping so many new “short term” people. Is our floor the only one? I know cockroaches are a major problem on the firswt floor.

  7. Fed up says:

    We think its there revenge for having their threat to make people move on only 45 days notice exposed as false. (“Arlington County housing bureau chief Renee Willis tells TBD that Virginia state law requires the building to give 120 days notice to each individual tenant in advance of when they will have to vacate the apartment. The notice must be in writing, and a blanket notice, like the one that was posted for a short time in the elevator, does not suffice, Willis adds.”) Ever since, all the window related work seems to be done in a way to maximize inconvenience, delay completion, and create dirty dwellings. And they really need to tell us when they are going to be turning off the water.

  8. PEter says:

    Does anyone have any updates? I haven’t seen any posts on this site in months

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