120 day notice is missing

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7 Responses to 120 day notice is missing

  1. Don't waive your 120 day rights without careful consideration.... says:

    Several of us have come to the conclusion that the only legal rights we have with respect to the relocation is the right to 120-day notice (see the most recent comments on the first post). This is the only “card” we have to play as tenants. The Virginia Code seems to anticipate that a tenant can waive this. I can see only two reasons that any of would do this: (1) Management offers to pay moving expenses, or (2) We find the two months of deferred rent increase in the latest Memo to be sufficient. Is 400 bucks (or so) enough? I guess it depends on how badly they want to get into your unit, and that probably depends to some extent what floor you are on.

    To reiterate, though, I think that moving us in/out is not just the proper and decent thing to do, but officially recommended by the County. (They could make each of us sign a waiver for damage as a condition.) I am inclined to do what I can to get the County to harass them, just out of spite, if they don’t come around on this point.

    I see absolutely no upside to volunteering to go early, though.

    Oh, and thanks to the host for setting this blog up.

  2. Response two says:

    If they go ahead with this scheme and give me anything less than 120 days notice – or at least a good guesstimate that the forced move will then take place – they can knock, they can enter on the appointed day, but my possessions and I will probably still be in place. If they want to evict, fine. That process takes a lot longer. And by that time I will have moved on my own terms.

  3. Dont waive.... says:

    I went by the county office today and asked point black about what to do if Im given 45 days of notice in the 1020 renovation and my lease was soon to expire. I was referred to someone who apparently has been asked this question before. I was told whether I had a lease or not, I am to be given 120 days notice. I think the management and the county need to be working together to figure out what they propose to do.

  4. jaded says:

    Dear “Don’t waive your 120 day rights without careful consideration….” I’m strongly considering moving early because I’m worried that I won’t like the options that they’ll offer me later. I can barely afford my one bedroom so with the rent increase, I either have to move to a 2 bedroom/1 bath and get a roommate or get a studio.

  5. Dear Jaded says:

    They told me our options would be whatevers available at the time, but if they know youre looking for one type or other they can work around that. Whether you can stand the pre-8:30 a.m. to after 6 p.m. hammering, however, is another question (She writes, typing at 6:08 p.m. on a Friday after a long work week/day with hammering audibly STILL going on somewhere in the building, but close enough to be loud, annoying, and not exactly homey).

  6. Dear Jaded says:

    WHAT IS GOING ON???? Its the middle of the day on a Saturday and theyre back at it! Is there to be NO time we can enjoy some quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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