Meeting last night

What are tenants thoughts on the meeting last night?

Even though there was only “limited” time for questions due to “time constraints,” plenty were asked and many vague answers were given.

For those interested, I have posted a scan of the notice given to tenants before the meeting:

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5 Responses to Meeting last night

  1. Asbestos says:

    Anyone else concerned on the answer given regarding asbestos?

    He didn’t seem to know, and if there is asbestos in the area in which is being worked on this is a major issue. There are laws and regulations regarding working around asbestos.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am concerned. But I imagine he had to say “I am not aware of any asbestos used in this building” for legal reasons. I’m pretty sure those laws only apply if the owner is aware of asbestos. Now, you can argue that an owner *should* know, but people can be very carefully uninformed when necessary. I’m not saying that *is* what’s happening here, but if I owned an apartment building finished in 1963 and was about to embark on a 4million dollar renovation, you’d better believe I’d be doing everything I could to make sure I didn’t become aware of asbestos. That would probably change a 4million dollar renovation into a 40million dollar one. And require everyone to move out completely while it was being done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How does the 30-45 day notice mesh up with the 120-day notice I thought was required? McMullin seemed to imply that the 120-day notice was only for people with 12-month leases, but in reading the ordinance, I didn’t see anything that distinguished someone on a month-to-month from someone on a 12-month lease.

    Anybody know?

    • Reply says:

      Having read the county’s position on the 120 days notice, I see NO distinction made between tenants under a written lease and those living month to month, which in itself IS a form of lease with certain rights and obligations.

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