120 days notice…

will be required for each individual tenant.  This is according to TBD.com who has contacted Arlington County officials.

This is a good first step.  The next step is a meeting between management and tenants.

You can read the article below:


Thanks to Rebecca Cooper and tbd for investigating!

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2 Responses to 120 days notice…

  1. Renter says:

    A commenter on an earlier post mentioned the lack of access in the building to people with disabilities. In addition to information about the Arlington/VA landlord-tenant rules, it would be good to hear if the Americans with Disabilities Act (or similar law) might require some changes to facilitate these folks. Hopefully subsequent notices/meetings cover this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was told a few years ago that the building was grandfathered in, and so wasn’t required to comply. Given the renovations, though, it would be interesting to see if the grandfather rule still applied.

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