Renovations are coming!

…but details are sparse…

This notice was placed in the elevator — not under residents door last week.  It is lacking on details.  Are residents confused and frustrated with management?

1020 North Quincy Renovation Notice

1020 North Quincy Renovation Notice

This blog will hopefully serve as an effective way for residents to speak with one another about management.  Between their inconvenient hours (8am-4pm) and ignoring of phone calls and messages it is tough to get in touch when an issue arises.

If anyone has found out more information regarding the upcoming renovations, please comment to this post!

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79 Responses to Renovations are coming!

  1. Renter With Rights says:

    Thank you for starting this blog! Let’s get as much specific information as possible.

  2. Retiree says:

    My friend talked to a manager about it and was politely told about the plans, so my impression is second hand. But the plans sound vague. It sounds like the do-over will be a multi-year project. My concerns are about 1) the temporary move and 2) the post-fixup rents. Im not physically able to move my all my possessions back and forth, and I cant even imagine how much personal time it will take to box my life up and then unbox it. (I do not know what I would do if I still worked and had to do it at the same time!) Im going to have to pay people to do both – on top of paying rent. That is no easy on a fixed income. My children have said they can come and help, but I cannot have them taking time off work, flying to DC, staying in a hotel or sleeping on top of my boxes, just to help me. Then afterward, I am sure the rents will go up. Especially since they are not renewing our leases. I’ve been here for many, many years. I love my view here and my neighbors. But with the time and expense of an interim move, then facing the possibility of having to move anyway if the rents go up significantly, Im wondering if it would be less money, time, and headache if I just moved out when my floor faces the interim vacating process. We have already checked and there are apt. buildings in the area that have dropped their rents and condos being rented at prices not much more than I am currently paying, but I feel safe here and dont want to move. I realize the company may not have thought this far ahead, but it is something that needs to be explained with some assurances, I think. It is very upsetting.

  3. 1020Resident says:

    Here is the information I received when I talked with management on the phone the day after the notice was posted:

    – Prior to renovating our current unit, we will have the option to move permanently into an already renovated unit in the building OR move temporarily to a unit in the building and move back into our current unit when the work is done.
    – Rent increase will likely be between $100 and $150 per month.
    – Renovations include: kitchen, bathroom, floors, convectors, pipes, doors.
    – They will provide more accurate info on timing once this all gets started in Oct.
    – No info yet about whether we will receive assistance moving.
    – We may only get 2 weeks notice before the move, but they’re hoping to provide more.

    I can’t promise that this info is completely accurate, but it is was I heard directly from management.

    • Anonymous says:

      First it was new convectors. Then new windows. Now its the whole apartment?

      The renovation notices are gone from the elevator. How can they leave it up for a few days? What if someone was away. They would have no idea!

      It is late August and window replacement was to have started according to the notice we received. I see no sign of any work.

    • Retiree says:

      Two weeks notice? How can anyone move on two weeks notice? Im retired, but two weeks would not give me enough time to find a mover, let alone tie to get things in boxes. Working people, I think, would need three months, at least. What if they are in the hospital when their notice comes up, or on vacation, or away for work? Will they start when the person is away? I have a couple of trips away each year, and they are all for 2-3 weeks. Certainly they can project better than two weeks notice. I knew something was odd when they would not let me renew my lease.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I suggest we organize!

    I cannot believe that I am to pack up everything in my apartment — including 40 boxes of books, not to mention shelves of glassware and pottery and pictures on the walls — and move from a place for which I pay rent. I have some delicate things I do not want moved.

    This is not a motel or a single room occupancy hotel!

    I refuse to move. They can rennovate apartments as they become vacant.

    We meet. We draw up a notice to them asap and we get everyone in the building to sign it. We give it to management and tell them we will not move. I just met a couple who moved into the 10th floor and was not told in advance that they would have to move out!

    I recognize that in Virginia tenants have no rights but what can management do if we all refuse to move to another apartment? Evict all of us?

    In addition, I do not consider it sufficient notice to post in the elevator that they are turning off our water and gas. From now on, I want a notice put under my door and every other door in the building.

    Whoever you are that put this notice downstairs, put it under every single door in the building. Otherwise no one will get it. I doubt by morning that your lone notice downstairs will still be there.

    I will help you distribute to each apartment door and get a pile of them copied at Kinko’s if you want.

  5. anonymous says:

    Okay…I understand that the building is old. I understand that it needs renovations. I understand that our rent is amazing considering our location/space etc.

    What I do not understand is why this is coming up out of the blue and why a notice in the elevator is the only form of communication.

    Clearly this will have an impact on everybody in the building at one point in time, but they are telling people on the 10th floor that they are going to have to move all of their things in the next two months? Shame on management for letting somebody new move in to the 10th floor without telling them about the renovations.

    Management needs to communicate with the residents. Have an open community forum one night to discuss the renovations so that residents can ask questions and get answers…or do something! One little notice in the elevator without many details just isn’t going to cut it..

    • Galfield says:

      I agree… have you tried to talk to Irum to organize a meeting? I sent her an email because it’s hard for me to catch her during her office hours. I haven’t received a reply yet. but I think if more tenants asking the same thing, ask for a meeting or open community forum as you suggested, she will be forced to organize one.

      • jaded says:

        it’s hard to catch Irum during her office hours because #1 they are inconvenient hours and #2 she’s never there.

  6. I want to raise the question of window replacements, which are planned separately from the moves caused by the renovation. In other words, we first have to put up with window replacement in our apartment — which is a very messy process, with all the dust, some of which may contain asbestos given the building’s age, flying around — and then put up with a move a few weeks or months later. A sensible way — putting the wisdom of planned renovations aside — would be to replace the windows in the course of renovations, but the management is not interested in that (based on a conversation with the resient manager). This is not a reasonable approach, for some reason this way is easier and perhaps cheaper for the building’s management, but tenants — some of whom are elderly or have young children — have to absorb the considerable clean-up and moving costs of this two-step operation, as well as health effects of the large amounts of dust and very significant inconvenience.

  7. 1020 Resident says:

    Has anyone contacted Arlington County to see what they have to say about these plans?

  8. Galfield says:

    Shall we ask the management to organize a meeting? I heard that some other apartments that had renovations, the building management held a meeting with the tenants and informed them the time frame, the impact, the assistance etc. I think if we could propose to have such meeting, it would be helpful for us to understand what’s exactly going on so that we have the same and accurate information from the management. Information will help us prepare things way ahead too.

  9. Scooby says:

    I just saw this sign posted and agree with the above posters. We should have a tenant meeting to find out what is really going on. Lots of questions but no answers.

  10. Annoyed says:

    Thanks for creating the blog! I’m glad that we can share our thoughts here and try to come up with something together. As many people already suggested, we definitely need to organize a meeting with the management (@9pm, so Irum will have to work some extra hours, as most people in this country do:-) ) and firmly announce our conditions, such as but not limited to:
    * detailed schedule/plan of renovation,
    * they need to help us move our stuff and it can’t take place during weekdays,
    * we need to know how big rent increase will be before they start renovating,
    * window replacement and unit renovation need to be done at the same time!


  11. Retiree says:

    Its just what I was afraid of. But I didnt realize the window replacement was yet ANOTHER displacement! Why isnt that just done at the same time they do the makeovers? Thats crazy. For that double disruption, current tenants shouldnt pay ANYTHING extra for rents afterwards for these updates. Maybe for two years, at least. Its the least they can do for the cost of our DOUBLE inconveniences! A mover to move me will cost at least $800 for back and forth (and I checked what it would cost, not including tips). And still no hint whether we are stuck paying for that out of our pockets! Will they provide movers? Are we to be their unpaid laborers? How much will we earn for these jobs? I think some sort of cut in future rents or reduction or compensation is the least they can do to acknowledge what WE have to do. And shame on them for renting to anyone new without notice of this. Those people should call a lawyer! And yes, the notices should have been better delivered and better explained. For another $200, I could be in a new building a few blocks away without this hassle. Im glad Im not the only concerned person. Its all overwhelming to me.

  12. Anon. says:

    Sounds to me like were just unpaid laborers. Unless its down the hall, its a major move that will have to be done at night. Forget elevators on the weekends for the next year. If I only get two weeks notice, Ill prob just give my notice so I can have some time to prepare. One move is enough.

  13. Frustrated With Management says:

    A tenants meeting sounds great. Also, I spoke to Irum a few weeks ago, and she told me that they were providing movers to move us out and move us back into our apartments. But, given that everyone is hearing different things, perhaps this wasn’t accurate. A tenants meeting where she has to tell everyone the same thing at the same time and then be held to it because there were more people there sounds just fabulous… Just make sure she doesn’t do it during her 8-4 hours. Because who’s home from work by 4pm???

  14. john says:

    If anybody is so inclined, starting a email group at google or yahoo would probably be a good way to share info.

    While I agree with many of the gripes here, if you are realistic and have looked at rents in nearby buildings, this would still be a great deal for the neighborhood. Of course it isn’t perfect, but factor in the $ per square foot 2 blocks from Ballston metro, and this is just a pricey area.

    As far as monetary or other assistance, I’d guess we are legally owed something by Arlington County regs (I’m not a lawyer though). I got booted from Eastview (next door) when it went condo, and received approx $800 thanks to Arlington County requirements.

    • Anon. says:

      Good idea about a group! And more fliers about this site. I checked today on some neighboring apts. and with a guy who manages condo rentals in this area. A $150/mo hike will put us into the same pricing as some of the newer buildings in the area. And there are lots of vacancies currently, especially re. condo leases.

  15. Galfield says:

    Has anyone asked Irum to organize a meeting with tenants? I haven’t heard anything from Irum yet although I sent her an email about it. May I kindly ask anyone to also talk to Irum or send her an email to ask her the same thing? She will feel more “encouraged” to do that if she receives more requests from us.

  16. Reviewed Arlington Regs says:

    Arlington Regs

    Now, I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me we do have some rights. Perhaps, though, just 120-day notice for moving? I don’t know. Maybe some legally-minded person can review and give their opinion?

  17. Fairly Happy says:

    Hi, I understand the problem everyone is currently facing & seriously not looking forward for an upcoming major building renovation . But let’s face it ( our leases are month to month, this building is super old & needs work, our rent’s are low compared to rest of north Arlington, we don’t have any parking issue. We don’t have utility bills ( at least heat / gas / water is covered ) – Yes out Management is not the best MGMT in the WORLD and that’s why rent is low ( secret ) . I am happy about this project . I am not leaving this building . I feel great about month to month lease .

    Please don’t mind it ~ but if you aren’t happy with this – MOVE OUT ( leave Arlington and go live in Stafford or Woodbridge , lol ) OR move few blocks north & pay big $$$ BUCKS !

    I know it would cause all of us little bit trouble . but i am looking at the picture,where we will be still paying decent amount of RENT and living in a kinda new building . I am not concerned about next 1-2 month problems it may cause me ( its temp. )

    So let’s stop complaining & let’s make a plan ( how we all can help eachother ,stick together)

    God Bless

    Well Wisher / Not a hater

    • Really? says:

      1 – I have no problem with the fact they’re renovating the building. I DO have a problem with the lack of communication to and consideration for the current residents.

      2 – If you’re so thrilled about the renovations, volunteer to go first to give the rest of us more time to deal with the inconvenience.

    • 1020resident says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for posting this.

      • 1020resident says:

        I meant I wholeheartedly agree with “Fairly Happy.” And if asked to move first, I would gladly do it.

  18. 5th Floor says:

    Have we officially decided on the meeting date/time? When this happens, someone needs to print up the notices and slip them under doors. Post a link to the word or PDF document and I will pass them out.

    Is anybody a lawyer in the building who can definitively tell us what our rights are and what they are not? Guessing isn’t a good game to play here. Let’s get accurate information distributed.

  19. john says:

    Alright, I set up a google group here:

    It’s public, so no need to get approved or anything. Please be polite if you join!

    • john says:

      And if there is interest in this google group, feel free to publicize the web page. I’ll try to post a couple flyers in the building with the link, or if anyone else wants to do so, please go ahead.

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  21. Resident says:

    Looks like we made a local blog!

    Here is the posting:

    We are gaining momentum. John, I think it would be a great idea to try to organize a meeting with residents and management (and possibly the country) to get more information!

  22. Bennynojets says:

    Wow! This is all news to me since I was on vacation when the elevator notice went up (and down). I would love to attend a meeting (if it is in the evening). I am glad ArlNow picked this up or perhaps I would not have known until it was too late.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to you all for this information. Did anyone sign a month-to-month lease? My old lease ends next month but I was told I didn’t need to sign a new lease for this year.

    • Anon II says:

      I was told that I didnt need a month to month lease because state law automatically makes you a month to monther at the end of a written lease.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone stop to think that this great inconvenience is exactly what management wants to create? We pay low rents relative to the area. Money is spent on a renovation. Management wants to recoup the renovation money and get closer to rent amounts that the market will bear to increase their profits. In other words, they want us to get pissed off and move out so that they can sign new tenants at a higher rent. Even if Arlington County has regulations that force them to do certain things (such as 120 day notice), just the fact that only a little, very vague information has been put out there by them might be enough to run a couple of people off just based on that.

    • Anon II says:

      I also wonder whether this was intentionally announced as it was in order to cause concern and/or to free up apartments. If so, it worked. However, it was a risky proposition. The plans are based on each tenant being ready, willing, and able to march as ordered. Its one thing to pack up one’s life in anticipation of a move, its another to be told when/how/where to do so for a move one did not choose to make. That’s time and expense not everybody may have. If not, theres not much either the tenant or management can do expediently. I am interested in seeing what financial offset or assistance is offered to compensate for that time and expense, especially for working people. Im especially not satisfied with these vague allusions to help in moving from staff, especially since they arent necessarily insured if our possessions are damaged. Im glad there is to be a meeting, but disappointed it is a) strictly limited to only 30 minutes and b) during Rosh Hashanah. Now that Arlington County and Congressman Jim Moran’s office have been brought into the picture, I hope tenants have their rights fully protected.

  25. Channel 8 Viewer says:

    In addition to the story above, they are running a short story on TBD (formerly Newschannel 8) this morning (Tuesday, August 31).

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think you’ll be able to record it — and maybe upload it to a video service online? I spoke with the reporter who wrote the story last night and she said she was unable to speak with anyone in the building (time of day — she came in the afternoon and the building is full of professionals).

      I’d love to see the story on TV — would have set the DVR to record it if I knew.

  26. 1020Resident says:

    Along with all the planned renovations (which I am not opposed to), I urge management to provide handicapped accessibility to the building. Currently, there is none. Relative to the cost of the other major renovations, the cost of installing a ramp to accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive devices in the front of the lobby or in another location is minimal. It would be a mistake to make major cosmetic improvements but ignore a minor addition that would greatly improve accessibility to residents and their guests (many of whom are older). I would be highly disappointed to find that the minimal cost of increasing accessibility was not included in what clearly will be a very expensive renovation process. If you agree, please spread the word and suggest to management that they make this important improvement.

  27. Hey 1020 residents, here’s TBD’s update on the situation from today. Arlington County is now on the case:

  28. a.Resident says:

    They just called a meeting for Wednesday…an evening where the Jewish residents will likely be in temple, and not able to attend. And again, this was supposedly posted in the building, but not given to us under our doors.

  29. a.Resident says:

    Anyone know when the window renovation is?

  30. resiDent says:

    The management announced a meeting next week. They mention a package of materials to be distributed at the meeting and afterwards.
    I am wondering, why won’t they distribute the package PRIOR to the meeting? This way we can better prepare, learn basic facts, and spend the time more productively.

  31. Another Resident says:

    Everyone should print out this webpage before the meeting:

    § 55-222. Notice to terminate a tenancy; on whom served; when necessary.

    A tenancy from year to year may be terminated by either party giving three months’ notice, in writing, prior to the end of any year of the tenancy, of his intention to terminate the same. A tenancy from month to month may be terminated by either party giving 30 days’ notice in writing, prior to the next rent due date, of his intention to terminate the same. In addition to the termination rights set forth above, and notwithstanding the terms of the lease, the landlord may terminate the lease due to rehabilitation or a change in the use of all or any part of a building containing at least four residential units, upon 120 days’ prior written notice to the tenant. Changes shall include but not be limited to conversion to hotel, motel, apartment hotel or other commercial use, planned unit development, substantial rehabilitation, demolition or sale to a contract purchaser requiring an empty building. This 120-day notice requirement shall not be waived; however, a period of less than 120 days may be agreed upon by both the landlord and tenant in a written agreement separate from the rental agreement or lease executed after such notice is given and applicable only to the 120-day notice period. When such notice is to the tenant it may be served upon him or upon anyone holding under him the leased premises, or any part thereof. When it is by the tenant it may be served upon anyone who, at the time, owns the premises in whole or in part, or the agent of such owner, or according to the common law. This section shall not apply when, by special agreement, no notice is to be given; nor shall notice be necessary from or to a tenant whose term is to end at a certain time.

    The written notice required by this section to terminate a tenancy shall not be contained in the rental agreement or lease, but shall be a separate writing.

    (Code 1919, § 5516; 1981, c. 155; 1986, c. 428; 1987, c. 473; 2004, c. 123; 2007, c. 634.)

  32. Interest on Security Deposits? says:

    Someone told me there might be interest we’re owed on security deposits. Does anyone know if that’s true?

    • No interest says:

      Yes, it is true.

      However, the rate is 0.00%. See VA: § 55-248.15:2.

      A. The interest rate established by § 55-248.15:1 varies annually with the annual rate being equal to four percentage points below the Federal Reserve Board discount rate as of January 1 of each year. The purpose of this section is to set out the interest rates applicable under this chapter.

  33. Need Meeting Info says:

    If the meeting is held on Wednesday, and some residents will not be able to attend because of religious engagements, could we have the minutes posted here? That would be super helpful!

  34. a.Resident says:

    The meeting is Thursday evening. they will hand out literature.

  35. Today's flyer says:

    If nothing else, this meeting for tomorrow seems to have motivated someone to think things through with some more detail. However. While 45 days is better than a two week warning for having to drop everything, refigure vacation and work plans, cancel commitments, start packing, find mover, its still deficient. And the flyer clarified we do their moving on our dime, our time, and, for those of us who work, on our accrued leave. They really should consider letting those who just want to stay put for a while stay put, and renovate after we move. I have no intention of “moving” twice in one 3 year period. I trust we will have a bigger idea of timeframes as they progress, or they may encounter some apartments unprepared for a complete move on the appointed day. Especially for those impacted during the holidays, summer, life.

  36. resident1020 says:

    the info in the notice placed under our door is different from what i’ve been told personally in the past and what was stated int he news stories linked here. the notice states that moving assistance is limited to having carts available. (thank you very much!) there’s still not a word about 120-day requirement. the rent will go up by $200 and they will not give ANY discount for the month(s) we’ll be moving back and forth. finally, it sounds like we’ll have to sign a new contract immediately upon moving back.
    so this means that for the next half a year i have to be ready to pack up on a moment’s notice and then move everything back and forth. it has a very big impact on my life for half a year.

    • Today's flyer says:

      That’s my asessment. Especially about the lack of at least 120 days WARNING of having to pack up our lives and move ourselves. Im over 62 and have neither the time or the ability to physically move. That will be my pocket for movers (one quoted over $400 just to move downstairs – one way!). And cancelling any plans for visiting for my children for more than a few days. Unreimbursed. I pity those who still work! Management must think they can just drop their work for this and expect to retain them. Ha! And I was thinking of moving within 3-5 years into retirement center. Why cant they they fix things after I leave? Hopefully our neighbor with Moran’s office will get riled up, too. Im going to corner him tomorrow if I can before the meeting. I also want to know who cleans up the mess after the window replacement. I saw the guys today working – and it didnt look mess-free re. the masnonry around the windows. Inmates have more stability.

  37. Law vs. Flier? says:

    The flier states, “No monetary or other direct relocation assistance from Ownership or Management is available at this time.” Compare that with the information on the Arlington County website linked above: “Owners/developers assume responsibility for reasonable costs directly associated with temporary or permanent moves within or outside the property.” Seems inconsistent. Not sure if I can make the meeting tonight, hope someone out there can ask this question.

    We should all probably fax any information we get to Renee Willis at the Arlington County housing bureau as well. Someone willing to invite her as a guest tonight?

  38. Neighbor says:

    Anyone know how much notice I have to give to move out once youre on month to month? Is it 90 or 120 days notice? Thanks.

  39. Meeting Time and Place says:

    I didn’t get a flyer. When and where is the meeting?

  40. Anonymous says:

    We need to know just exactly how the county defines “120 -days written notice”.

    From Arlington County website:

    120‐Day Notice to Vacate: Section 55‐222 of the Code of Virginia and the Virginia Condominium Act
    and Section 55‐79.94 (b) as amended in 1980, requires 120‐days written notice to vacate to tenants
    in multi‐family buildings or condominiums with at least four residential units if the buildings are to
    undergo rehabilitation, demolition, sale by contract requiring an empty building, or conversion to
    commercial use. These Guidelines call for that same notice to be provided to all rental units
    covered under the Applicability section.

    • Somewhat relieved, but... says:

      Im no lawyer, but Ive reread those guidelines three times. But I do note that they are “guidelines,” so Im not sure how the county enforces them. But it seems like they have to stick to the 120 day rule if they have any “exceptions” on the renovation. The waiver on ADA compliance and the fact they usually post permits for their work here makes me think they have exceptions from the county. If thats the case, those guidelines make no distinction between whether youre a month to monther, 1 year leaser, or multi year leaser. I also think we are allowed “reasonable costsdirectly related” to the move(?) Too bad theres nothing about hours for renovations. This masonry carries drilling noise very, very far.

      • It looks like the County enforces the rules via the permits process. Section 1.1 reads: “Adherence by owner to these Guidelines and assistance to tenants is required where County approval of funds, and/or site plan approval are expected for the project to proceed.”

        I am optimistic that Management/ownership is reading this blog. Residents will be contacting the County, I can assure them, to be sure that our legal rights are enforced. This will include speaking to the Landlord/Tenant office to prevent the issuance of permits, and seeking Stop Work Orders if permits are inappropriately issued. (Personally, this tenant is far less concerned about the 120-days than she is about the need for cash reimbursement or labor to move in and out of the unit.)

        What each of us can do it to contact the County at 703-228-3765 or (all of us, that means you, blog reader), AND for all of us to routinely check if any permits have been inappropriately granted here:

      • Enforcement Weak, Only if County Funds/Site Plan Amendment says:

        Take a look at section 1.1: “Adherence by the owner to these Guidelines and assistance to tenants is required where County
        approval of funds, and/or site plan approval are expected for the project to proceed.” However, it goes on to say, “For owners of by‐right projects that require no county approval of funding or site plan approval or major site plan amendments,
        adherence to the above steps, although voluntary except for the legally required 120‐day notice, is encouraged.”

        It seems unlikely to me that this project involves a major site plan amendment, so I think that the prior commenter is right that the only legal right we have is to 120-day notice. Also, the idea that it applies only to those with a lease sounds like total B/S.

        Personally, I would be happy to waive the 120-day rule if they offered to otherwise comply with the rules, in particular some help with labor to move us in and out of our units. (Management/ownership: if you are reading this, the Virginia Code seems to anticipate this sort of compromise. Please consider it.)

        Other than making them wait the 120-day period, the best tenants probably have is to harass them with calls from politicians, e.g. Rep. Moran, County Board. Also, we could try to force them to prove to the County that the renovation project is not one that required a Site Plan Amendment, and then also to protest all of the permits they will actually need (e.g. electrical, plumbing, etc.) All this would do is make them spend money on lawyers/cost them time, but considering their unwillingness to act decently here I personally wouldn’t rule these steps out.

  41. Jen says:

    Do they need a permit to do electrical work? The model unit is open and they are doing electrical work in the bathroom/sink area.

  42. Somewhat relieved, but... says:

    Im with Enforcement Weak, above. Its my understanding that the exception from ADA compliance for a handicapped access requires county approval. And they need permits for electrical, elevator, mechanical, and plumbing work.

    Also, about the 120 days – that part is clearly mandatory. I spoke to someone with the county on Friday and was told there is no distinction between a month to month tenancy and a leasehold tenancy, since VA considers a month to month arrangement to be a lease with its own rights, rules, etc. When I asked for a source – I was pointed to Section 1.1 – which, as you noted, makes no distinction.

  43. More $$$ for 1020 says:

    My neighbor just received her notice to vacate her apartment – 4 weeks and 1 day notice! Though she doesn’t seem frustrated by the unnecessary moving of her belongings, she did mention that she was told she will have to pay the rent of the available apartment for the month she is vacated, rather than the monthly rate of her own apartment – a $400 difference! This seems completely unacceptable. I am writing in hope that others can share their feedback and experience as to what they paid when being vacated, or help us move management to only charge what the person agreed to in their lease. Thanks!

  44. Hello says:

    Why $400? It was supposed to be $150-200. Is she upgrading to a larger size apartment? There are no in-effect leases on the old apts, but I know what you mean.

    • More $$$ for 1020 says:

      The $400 is the different between her current month-to-month rent vs. the rent she has to pay in her temporary apt for two months. (I think her current apartment is like $1050/month and the one-bedroom they’re making her take for 1-2 months during construction is $1400-$1500/month. Basically, they are making her pay an increased rent while she is put out even though she didn’t ask to be kept in a larger apt!!)

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