How is the window replacement so far?

How has the window replacement gone? Are the furniture coverings sufficient? How are the paper blinds? What about the temperature now that cooling has been turned off and windows cannot be opened?

Are the contractors respectful of your home while they are doing this work?

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120 day notice is missing

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Meeting last night

What are tenants thoughts on the meeting last night?

Even though there was only “limited” time for questions due to “time constraints,” plenty were asked and many vague answers were given.

For those interested, I have posted a scan of the notice given to tenants before the meeting:

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120 days notice…

will be required for each individual tenant.  This is according to who has contacted Arlington County officials.

This is a good first step.  The next step is a meeting between management and tenants.

You can read the article below:

Thanks to Rebecca Cooper and tbd for investigating!

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Renovations are coming!

…but details are sparse…

This notice was placed in the elevator — not under residents door last week.  It is lacking on details.  Are residents confused and frustrated with management?

1020 North Quincy Renovation Notice

1020 North Quincy Renovation Notice

This blog will hopefully serve as an effective way for residents to speak with one another about management.  Between their inconvenient hours (8am-4pm) and ignoring of phone calls and messages it is tough to get in touch when an issue arises.

If anyone has found out more information regarding the upcoming renovations, please comment to this post!

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